A Little Bit About Us

Our Story

Our Story

Countryside Carpentry’s journey began as a furniture company in 2020. With Lockdown happening I transitioned from on-site carpentry to setting up and working from my workshop, then with a simple request for a bespoke dog crate my journey in creating beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture for humans and dogs alike began. As a dog lover myself, it was a natural development.

Nestled against the backdrop of Dartmoor’s National Park in the heart of the countryside in Devon, now with a small talented team, we take inspiration from our surroundings to create sustainable, practical, and sophisticated pieces of furniture for you and your furry friend.

Operating from our cosy home workshop, Countryside Carpentry is more than a business, we’re woven into the local community. We collaborate closely with local experts to combine our knowledge and expertise to maintain the essence of a true community-led small business.

Meet Our Founder, Colin

Colin has been a carpenter for over sixteen years now, his journey from on-site carpentry, constructing houses from the ground up to perfecting handcrafted pet furniture in his workshop has taught him an array of joinery skills. At his craft, Colin is an expert; he excels in precision and fine detailing. Every creation that leaves the workshop is finished and packaged by himself to ensure the highest quality control at every turn.

Working by Colin’s side is the business’s quality assessor and his family’s dog- Belle, a beautiful black Labrador. Not only has Belle become the inspiration for many of Countryside Carpentry’s pieces of pet furniture, but she’s also in charge of ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of comfort, style, and finish.

Our Ethos

Embracing a dog-first mindset, Countryside Carpentry holds the safety, comfort, and happiness of your dog at the heart of every piece we make. We want your pet’s furniture to seamlessly integrate with your home and offer your dog a comfortable space to recline.

Being bordered by nature whilst crafting your furniture only amplifies how deeply we care about our impact on the environment. All our furniture is constructed from high-quality FSC-grade wood, so we know we’re always protecting your dog’s paws and the environment.

Join Us On Our Journey

We invite you to explore our Products page to order a predesigned piece of doggy furniture. If you want something extra special for your beloved pup, contact us and we’ll start crafting your bespoke piece.