The perfect piece of furniture for you and your dog

The breed and size of a dog

Every dog and home is different, not only in size but also in temperament, ranging from outgoing and social to shy and reserved. Some may be highly energetic, while others more laid-back.

You as their owner are in the best position to identify what sort of sleeping space is perfectly suited to your pup and which works best for your home.

The breed and size of a dog can greatly influence their behaviour and needs when it comes to feeding and sleeping habits, identifying a space in which they feel safe and secure can enhance the enjoyment of these moments, not only for your dog but also for you.

The location of their bed needs to be considered, taking into account external noises and distractions, but also how it situates in the home environment and works practically as well as aesthetically.

Your dogs personality and sleeping habit

By understanding your dog’s personality and sleeping habits you can begin to create a perfect sleeping space for them.

Do they prefer a cosy, den-like atmosphere and are accustomed to a quieter and darker space, in which the act of closing a door makes them feel safe and secure. Alternatively, do they have the run of the house and desire an open and airy space in which to lay their head.

It is important that the sleeping space is the correct size, once this is determined we can then consider integrated feed and water bowls, along with practical drawers and storage solutions.

Size Guide

Size Guide

How to correctly measure your dog for their bed space.

Pet Bedroom Features

A bespoke dog crate can be custom-designed to match your homes décor.